Born 1987, Calgary, Canada


2017 Flipper The Loon, Toronto, Canada
2017 Free Press (with Liam Crockard), Forest City Gallery, London, Canada
2016 S.A.W. Book, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
2014 The Cottage, Jr. Projects, Toronto, Canada
2014 Standard Auto Wreckers, 87 Wade, Toronto, Canada
2012 Smoke Signals (with Leopoldo Ponce), Atelie da Barao, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012 Crows Nest, Haight Gallery, Calgary, Canada
2012 Patio Lanterns, Pith Gallery, Calgary, Canada
2012 No Buddy Trusts Me Anymore, Antisocial Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2011 Little Truth (with Pamela Norrish), Haight Gallery, Calgary, Canada
2009 A Little Hello To On Kawara, The Narrows, Halifax, Canada


2018 Group show, Carl Louie, London, Canada
2018 Group show, organized by Merideth Hillbrand, Phyllis Gill Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
2018 Windowlicker, organized by Ana Iwataki, Julie Beaufils and Marion Vasseur Raluy, Balice Hertling, Paris, France
2017 Sweat Loaf Hallelujah, organized by Jay Isaac,, Montreal, Canada
2015 In A Haystack, curated by Connor Crawford, various locations, Toronto, Canada
2013 9th Annual C Magazine Benefit Auction, MOCCA, Toronto, Canada
2010 Facelift, The Contemporary Art Museum of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
2009 They Only Come Out at Night, Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Canada
2009 Fiction/Fiction, Artfirm Gallery, Calgary, Canada


2017 The Editorial Magazine (Online),  featured exhibition
2016 JMS Press “@objectcatering Toronto Menu” 24 page publication
2015 JMS Press “Credits”, zine
2012 C Magazine, “Crows Nest” exhibition review, Issue 115, Andrea Williamson
2012 Color Magazine, “Crows Nest” exhibition review, Issue 10.2., Jenn Jackson
2012 C Magazine, “Exhibition Practices”, Issue 113, Tatiana Mellema
2011 Color Magazine, Featured Artist, Issue 9.3
2011 Canadian Art (Online), “Calgary Reports: An Artist Run Alberta”, Nancy Tousley
2010 O.C.W. Magazine, 2 page spread, Issue 5.1 #17
2009 Straw Books, “100 Pieces of Mind”, 100 page book


2012 Fundacao Armando Alvarez Penteado University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, April-July


2014 Toronto Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant


2018 Eternal Digestion, Luca Francesconi, curated by Marion Vasseur Raluy and Ana Iwataki, May 20 - June 23
2018 One Top, Dean Baldwin, April 15 - May 12
2018 Notes on fabric, 100% SILK, February 25 - March 31
2018 a nanking cherry finds a hill, group show, January 14 - February 17
2017 Notes on how to cook with thoughts & sleep with sounds, Bogdan Cheta, November 19 - January 6
2017 Über ein Glas Wein, group show, organized by Carl Louie, September 17 - October 29
2017 Reader 3, 4, and 5, Liam Crockard, August 6 - September 9 (Artforum Critic's Pick)
2017 A Bacchanale!, organized by Sabrina Taraso , July 9 - July 29
2017 Shooting Blanks, April 30 - June 10
2017 Where the Necessary Instruments Do Not Exist, the Thoughts in Question Are Not Expressed and Not Even Conceived, Kara Uzelman, March 19 - April 22
2017 Trapdoor, Hanna Hur and Michael Kennedy Costa, February 12 - March 11
2017 Four Arrows for 67 Steps, February - current, (Four Arrows for 67 Steps by Micah Lexier - A Zine for Micah Lexier by 67 Steps, zine published by Swimmers Group)